LVD Advisors:
A History of Performance, Trust, Integrity.

It has been my privilege to represent ONSITE- CO2, LLC, the Houston company for which Louis serves as CFO and COO, in various oil and gas matters. Louis’ work at ONSITE on one particular project highlights qualities in Louis, which it is my pleasure to describe in this letter.

Louis took the lead in negotiating a contract to acquire the right to drill and develop identified non-producing zones in certain oil and gas leases. The project involved diverse and complex oil and gas issues including accounting issues in the 2005 COPAS, net profits interests, engineering issues related to well bores and Texas Railroad Commission issues including field wide unitization. Louis was able to quickly grasp and understand these specialized issues and solve problems which arose in connection with these issues in the contract.

During the time that it took to negotiate and finalize the contract, Louis demonstrated not only a strong work ethic and qualities of perseverance and determination to complete the project, but also the very mature quality of patience during the process.

Most impressive to me, however, was the manner in which Louis dealt with the company on the other side of the contract. During the negotiations leading up to execution of the contract, numerous differences and disputes arose over proposed contract terms. While Louis was firm in representing ONSITE’s position, he resolved each difference and dispute in a very civil manner, which was not off-putting to the personnel of the other company. The professionalism, moral ethics and integrity, which Louis demonstrated during this process, resulted not only in the final execution of the contract, but in ONSITE and the other company being on such good terms that they are considering further opportunities to work together.

I am able to recommend Louis as an independent CFO/COO without reservation.

Very truly yours,

Robert D. Jenkins, Jr.
Attorney at Law
2370 Rice Boulevard
Suite 202
Houston, Texas 77005
713 526 7100

I had an opportunity approximately 3 years ago to meet Mr. Louis Danna when he was engaged by one of my bank customers to assist him in a complicated business transaction that involved multiple parties. During the long process I was impressed with the advice my bank client was receiving from Mr. Danna.

Mr. Danna provided guidance to our bank customer in raising equity capital to support a major capital expansion and prepared the loan submission documents for the construction financing and permanent financing with the Bank on behalf of our customer. As the project progressed Mr. Danna worked closely with our staff in preparing monthly bank draws on the construction loan, reconciling the loan commitment and helped our customer stay in good standing throughout the construction process. Mr. Danna was especially helpful in negotiating the very important details of the permanent loan agreement for our customer, balancing the customers needs, the banks requirements and satisfying the commitments to the equity partners. Once we completed the permanent financing Mr. Danna prepared the quarterly reports required of the customer to maintain compliance with all the various loan covenants. Mr. Danna maintained an excellent working relationship with our banking team and myself during this process, and was very helpful to our banking customer who did not have that level of expertise among his employees.

Unfortunately for the Bank our customer was offered a debt structure he could not refuse and the loan was purchased by another community bank. Mr. Danna assisted the customer in that transaction and that was our last direct involvement.

I had and have a great deal of respect and confidence in the advice and matter in which Mr. Danna was offering the client. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Danna as a financial consultant for other business owners.


Charles M. Neff, Jr.
President & CEO
Integrity Bank

I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Danna on several different banking opportunities over the past 15 years. In some cases for Companies that he held an ownership interest and some for companies that the owners were clients of his. It has always been a pleasure to work with Louis. He is always professional and conducts business with the highest integrity at all times. I would look forward to working with him in the future on business opportunities he may present to the bank. I have recommended clients to Louis in the past and would not hesitate referring a banking client to him for assistance today or any time in the future.

Please feel free to contact me at 713-275-5815 or should you have any questions.


Jerry M. Brewer
Vice Chairman for Bank of River Oaks

I have worked with Louis as a consultant to assist ONSITE-CO2 in obtaining an energy management agreement for a co-generation plant ONSITE-CO2 has plans to install in South Texas. The contemplated business arrangement was not typical, nor was the assignment typical for my practice; but Louis and I figured it out together. We obtained proposals from three different companies and negotiated a Letter of Intent with the USA operations of the largest power provider globally. It was a pleasure working Louis, he proved to be very creative and diligent in all that he does and I would look forward to working with him on another project, or working with him, if there is a continuous need for my services with ONSITE-CO2.


Annette Van Brunt
Van Brunt & Associates

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Louis V. Danna. I can confirm that he is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his family and work. I have known Louis since 2010 while working a non-profit organization on which he was a very active board member, in addition to more recently working for him the last three years in a finance department supporting role.

Louis has consistently demonstrated superior analytical capabilities and an expert in the all areas of corporate finance management, operations management and highly skilled in business development, implementation and execution of tasks to meet the company’s needs. Louis has superior leadership capabilities and is a natural in the CFO and COO role. I am confident he will be able to make an immediate as well as a positive impact on any organizations that chooses to retain his services.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me at the number or email below.


Christy Logsdon
Christy Lee Logsdon | CLL Business Services
M: 713-703-3791

This will serve to confirm that I have known and worked with Mr. Louis Danna for over ten years while he was serving in his former capacity as CFO at Dixie Produce Company in New Orleans and while I was serving as Dixie’s independent risk management consultant.

During the ten plus years that I worked with Louis, I was extremely impressed with his conscientiousness, work ethic, general knowledge and astute application of risk management principles. Mr. Danna had the uncanny ability to quickly learn the principles of risk management and apply them in a realistic and strategic manner.

As CFO for Dixie Produce, Mr. Danna had the responsibility for administering the risk management program. Louis’ managerial style was clearly exemplary of the utmost professionalism and of all his business affairs relating to insurance and risk management were transacted with the highest degree of ethical conduct.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Danna as an independent CFO/COO.

Very truly yours,

Robert W. Lazarus
Robert W. Lazarus, ARM
President/Senior Consultant
Risk Management Service

Without a doubt Louis Danna is a great leader/boss, but let me count the many talents he brings to the table.

  • Louis is a great problem solver and can cut straight to the heart of the matter and come up with a good solution.
  • Louis always takes the time to listen and will point out different angles until you magically see for yourself the best way to handle a situation.
  • Louis is easy going and has a great sense of humor. He ensures the work environment is productive but not unnecessarily stressful.
  • Louis is professional and ethical.
  • Louis treats his employees and co-workers with respect.
  • Louis has high expectations for his employees and is result oriented. However, he will ensure each employee has the proper training and/or tools to get the job done.
  • Louis appreciates and values his employees and customers, and they know it.
  • Louis is quick to praise and give credit where credit is due. If needed, he gives constructive criticism that helps you correct the mistake without making you feel bad.

Louis Danna is a pleasure to work for. He will be a valuable asset to any group or company that he is associated with.

Jayne James
Director of Secondary Marketing
Sunset Direct Lending, LLC
Formerly with JLM Direct Funding, Ltd.

Louis is passionate about his work, a true teacher to his co-workers, respectable and understanding to his subordinates and a great leader. People that work with Louis become extremely loyal, respect him tremendously, and consider him not only a wonderful leader but also a true friend.

As a great problem solver, he will take the time to lead you to the answer, yet leave you with the sense that you did all the work. He gives praise where praise is deserved and constructive criticism where it is needed.

Louis has a strong character with genuine concern for people and business. A real leader with compassion, humor, and respect… all the great characteristics of a person admired by all that know him or work with him.

With a sense of humor that is second to none, a laugh that is infectious, and outstanding people skills, he is a real pleasure to work with.
Louis taught me many things in the 11 years we worked together. Make the work environment fun, yet productive. Treat others as you expect to be treated. Cure problems with laughter. And the most valuable asset of your business is the people that work for you – treat them that way.\

Jill McLaughlin
Prior Manager of Human Resources
Dixie Produce and Packaging, Inc.